Moog Restoration

I have restored two complete Moog Modular synthesizers and a handful of individual Moog modules. There is not a lot of photos of Moogs so I am documenting the systems and modules in these pages.  Information on individual modules are documented as first worked on, whether individual modules or in one of the Modulars.  I did not repeat photos of previously documented modules so you might have to look through several pages to find a particular module.

Three cabinet Moog Modular restoration

Moog Modular System 55 restoration  New

901B Oscillator (revised 91-079 PCB)

CP3 Mixer


I adapted some original Moog Modules to operate in a Dotcom cabinet.  Here are details of the power adapter and cabling.

Dotcom cabinet adapter for Moog


Here are some labels from modules built for internal test at the factory.