Moog Console Panels

Moog modular synthesizers had a number of "half panels" or console panels that bussed controller signals to various modules and provided some additional functionality such as signal mixers, multiples, and routing.  The Console Panels are hard wired and mounted on hinges to the bottom of the cabinet.



Console Panel 2

Console Panel 2 has passive low pass and high pass filters, multiples, and pitch and trigger outputs from the three controller jacks in the rear.



Console Panel 3

Console Panel 3 has switches for routing four controller CV signals, a four input mixer, a click filter, and four jacks that could be used as multiples or trunk routing.  The switches are rear illuminated to indicate which controllers are patched in.  The mixer provides non-inverted and inverted outputs with a master gain control.  I restored another CP3 that wasn't in a cabinet so have some additional photos here.


This scope image shows the ramp input and the mixer + and - outputs which have gain.



Console Panel 4A

Console Panel 4 has switches for routing four controller CV signals, switches for routing triggers, and trigger and CV input jacks.  This particular control panel has had the trigger and CV input jacks removed, a sub panel overlay added with two jacks each for the four trunk lines.


The original jack holes can be seen on the rear left of the Control Panel.



Console Panel 8

The power switch, power light, and fuses are mounted on a console panel.


The AC power transformer is located behind the power console panel.