Moog 911 Envelope Generator

The 911 Envelope Generator is a basic ADSR waveform generator with an S-Trigger input.  The panel has been updated with the new logo.

Moog 911 Envelope Generator specifications


This is a pretty simple 1 MU module.


Moog has gone to using only the active edge fingers to minimize gold cost. 




I found it easier to set all the controls CCW, apply a trigger, and adjust R30 Esus so that the post-trigger level is the same value as the pre-trigger level.  Then remove the trigger and adjust R14 to set the output to 0V.  Then apply the trigger, a small amount of attack, sustain to maximum, and adjust R28 to eliminate the sustain glitch. 



There are scope images of the Envelope Generator operation on the three cabinet Moog 911 page.