M.E.M.S Project Buchla Modules

The M.E.M.S. Project is an all encompassing research project that aims to document, replicate, and study the historic Buchla modular electronic instrument. As a M.E.M.S Associate I am assisting them in their research and design verification. As such I've access to several modules and created these pages help document these historic instruments. Most of the panels used are either prototype or clone so do not indicate M.E.M.S.

132M Waveform Synthesizer

155 Dual Integrator

230M Triple Envelope Follower

258M-C Dual Oscillator

259M Complex Waveform Generator

264M Quad Sample & Hold

275M Dual Equalizer / Reverb  New

277M Signal Delay Unit

291M Dual Voltage Controlled Filter

292M-B Quad Lopass Gate  New

296M Spectral Processor