259M Complex Waveform  Generator

The 259 Complex Waveform Generator uses a panel PCB to mount the switches and controls greatly simplifying construction. PCB1 is designed for CTS potentiometers for all but the two upper right controls which are the 1/8" shaft PRV6 style which require adapters for 1/4" knobs.

I decreased the scale trimmers from 100K to 20K to decrease their sensitivity.


I epoxied the tempcos to their respective exponential pairs.




These images show the MO modulating the CO. First is AM modulation.


FM modulation.


And finally timbre modulation.


I made the modifications to add hysteresis to the CO square wave comparator to eliminate oscillations on the rising edge. This image shows the square, sine, and final output with timbre.


Increasing the order produces a this saw waveform.


Increasing symmetry produces this wavefolded sine waveform.