Module Conversions

Customers ask me to do conversions. Some are Eurorack to 5U, some are 3.5mm jacks to banana.



I converted 5 of the MOTM Eurorack modules to 5U for myself.

E340 Cloud Generator

E350 Morphing Terrarium

E560 Deflector Shield

E580 Sampling Mini-Delay

E950 Circuit Bent VCO



Blacet 2100 VCO

A customer asked me to convert this Blacet VCO to a narrow Synton-format panel with bananas. This is a FrontPanelExpress printed panel.


I made a bracket to mount the PCB.


I used 12mm potentiometers and the parts are very tight.



Blacet MiniWave

Likewise I converted this Blacet Miniwave to a narrow Synton-format panel with bananas. This is also a FrontPanelExpress printed panel.


Although the panel is less dense, the LEDs require 16 connections making the wiring a bit complex.




I had built this as a Frac format panel and later converted it to a Synton panel format. This is a FrontPanelExpress printed panel.



Blacet 2910 Midiverter

A customer asked me to convert this Blacet Midiverter to banana. The banana jacks just slightly obscure the panel legends.


I needed to keep the placement of the PCBs for the MIDI IN jack and the program button. The flatted side of the banana jacks was the same spacing as the 3.5mm jacks so I notched the PCBs to fit around the banana jacks. I rotated the banana tabs 90 degrees to allow more clearance and moved three resistors to the rear. One run was cut by a notch so I hand wired it. I removed the ground runs that went to the edge of the notch since it would make intermittent connection with the nuts.




Bananalogue Serge VCS

A customer asked me to convert this Serge VCS to banana. The holes for the 3.5mm jacks were appropriate for banana jacks.


Rather than notching the PCB I chose to mount them further back from the panel to clear the nut. That required replacing the PCB to PCB interconnect with wires. Since the 3.5mm jacks mounted the PCB to the panel, the two smaller PCBs are now held in place by solid wire to the banana jacks. I had to remove one box capacitor to be able to solder the jack and then add add it back in.


I had to mount PCB3 the same way. I had to move the electrolytic capacitor to the rear of the PCB. I also used solid wire to tie the ground together on the top and right PCB to hold them together firm.



Wiard JAG

A customer asked me to convert this Wiard JAG to banana.


I cut the PCB can be cut down to 3.2" to fit between the banana jacks using a hand nibbler. Only one run is cut and has to be jumpered.


The banana jacks can be folded over and soldered to the half-pads. Q106

I converted a Q106 oscillator to an Aries format. More details are on my Aries AR-106 page.