Aries Q106 VCO Conversion

This customer needed a pair of VCOs for his system which are difficult to find. I converted a Q106 Oscillator to an Aries format.


The Q106 has about the same number of jacks but two additional knobs. I wanted to preserve the format of the Aries panel so kept the square panels and spacing of the jacks and the position of the top row of knobs. I used 3/4" Cosmo knobs and 16mm Alpha potentiometers to fit four knobs in the space between. I called this the AR-106 VCO. I used a 1.5mm printed white FrontPanelExpress panel which came out close to the original in color although it obviously looks new.


I made an aluminum bracket mounted by the three potentiometers to mount the PCB with ample space to protect the small extension. I left the stock wiring length and simply replaced the potentiometers and jacks. I even moved the two labels.



I did the first module conversion and sent the customer a second bracket and he did the second module conversion. Here are his two AR-106s in the lower cabinet on the left. They blend in very nicely.