Synton 3233 S&H / LFO Module

The 3233 is a dual model with a sample and hold and a LFO.


This description is from the Series 3000 Modular Synthesizer Instructions Manual.






It also has a different panel PCB. In the above rear photo  you can see where I tinned all of the exposed copper.


This reference diagram shows the values of the parts.




The LFO and S&H are two separate functions. The LFO triangle and square output are unipolar 0 to 10 volts. The minimum LFO frequency is 14.5 mHz, or one cycle every ~69 seconds.


The maximum LFO frequency is 9.5 Hz.


The S&H Ext input can be used as a usable internal clock output with light loading. It is a unipolar 0 to -10V ramp. The minimum frequency is 26 mHz or one cycle every 38.4 seconds


The maximum frequency is 16.3 Hz.


This image shows the S&H function using the internal clock.


This image shows the S&H function using the LFO as the clock.