Synton 3010 VC EGR Module

The 3010 is a voltage controlled ADSR with four CV-inputs. It is designed around the CEM3310.


This description is from the Series 3000 Modular Synthesizer Instructions Manual.





This reference diagram shows the values of the parts.




The 3010 generates a typical RC curve ADSR envelope from a gate.


Originally at maximum attack the output would never reach 10V. This is typically due to excess leakage of the timing capacitor. I changed the 6.8 nF timing capacitor to a quality film 10 nF capacitor which corrected this issue and also increased the timing. The minimum attack, decay, and release is about 400 ÁS.


The maximum ADSR cycle is about 2.5 minutes. The attack is about 30 seconds with a small step at the beginning while the decay and release are about a minute each.