Synton 3005 EGR Module

The 3010 is a single ADSR with a manual trigger and LED indicator.


This description is from the Series 3000 Modular Synthesizer Instructions Manual.






This reference diagram shows the values of the parts.




The reference diagram calls out two 2.2M log potentiometers. I could not find any in 16mm bodies with 3/8" bushings so I used 1M and changed the timing capacitor from 470 nF to 2.2 F. With this value the minimum attack is 3 mS, the minimum decay is 6.8 mS and the minimum release is 0.5 mS.  The maximum attack is 2.4 sec, the maximum decay is 4.8 sec, and the maximum release is 3.2 sec.

P1 adjusts the timing of the release phase. At certain settings the release phase does not activate. I adjusted P1 so the release best matched the attack time.




This image shows the minimum attack, decay, and release settings. The attack and decay times are RC curves but the release is linear.


This image shows the maximum attack, decay, and release settings. The linear release is more visible in this image.