Portabellabz perfBOB

I built a Portabellabz perfBOB for a 208 V1 customer. The first thing I had to do was to determine what the Program Board signals were.  This table compares the V1 and V2 Program Board connector.

208 Program Board Connector Pin Definitions (unverified)


The customer wanted these additions:

-  MO Coarse Frequency Control and Enable/Disable switch
-  External Sequencer Pulse input (Enabled when Sequencer Trigger Source is set to off)
-  Sequencer Pulse output (as selected by Sequencer Trigger Source)
-  Sequencer Offset CV Input
-  Waveshape CV input
-  LPG1 Output
-  LPG2 Output
-  External Reverb Input and Level Control
-  Reverb Output (wet)

The MO Coarse Frequency Control, Waveshape CV, and Sequencer Offset CV wire to existing connections on the Program Board connector.

The remainder of the signals wired to unused connections on the Program Board Connector. The Sequencer Pulse jacks wire to the Sequencer Trigger switch.  The audio jacks wire with shielded cable to the various controls. I added a second reverb input on PCB2 and epoxied a 2 pin MTA connector so the PCB could easily be removed.

The legends on this perfBOB image have been added in Photoshop.