Buchla Wood Cabinets

I picked up several Buchla PCBs in trades for builds and repairs and I designed my own VCF and Clock module. I built a small two boat wood cabinet and used the 211 power supply with a bare aluminum boat and a new powder coated boat from SAModular.  The sides are made from poplar, the same as my modular synth cabinets.





Later I acquired a set of 248 MARF V2 boards and built a single boat cabinet.  I chose to use the Bud AC-423 cabinet which is 17 x 7 x 3 with 0.5" flanges. I cut the top and bottom flanges to 3/8" and the left flange flush and the right flange to 1/4" with my air nibbler.  I had a spare BEMI Easel power supply so I removed the connectors and added an external switch and DC connector. I made matching wood side panels and painted the cabinet black. I tapped the mounting holes for 3mm screws but the aluminum is really too thin for threads. A couple were imperfect so I simply epoxied 3mm nuts on the back of the flange.





My complete Buchla setup consists of a Music Easel in a portable case and these two wood cabinets.