PAiA Custom Oscilloscope Module

I built a custom oscilloscope module using the JYETech Coral /112A scope.  I made the panel using 1.5mm anodized aluminum with the print graphics feature from FrontPanelExpress.

I chose the JYE Tech Coral / SO 112A scope for a number of reasons.  It is designed to integrate into another package and uses a touch screen so there is a minimal amount of control to have to deal with in a panel.  It operates on +5V so I can power it directly from the external supply (from which the cabinet generates the PAiA voltages), and it will operate without the battery.  There are headers on the rear for external connections, and most important, it fits in a double wide panel.

Current consumption is 5V at 270 mA.



The module comes with SMA connectors and a push button on the front of the PCB.  The SMA connectors are too massive to unsolder so I ended up cutting off the barrel so they would fit behind the panel.  I used spacers to fit the PCB to the panel for the correct clearance for the display.  I also added a bit of tape along the edge of the panel to hold it in alignment.