Moog 911-A Dual Trigger Delay

The Moog 911-A Dual Trigger Delay provides two trigger delays from 2 mS to 2 seconds.  The two delay sections can be independent, in parallel, or in series as selected from a front panel switch.


I was surprised to see this module was hand wired on perf-board.  Other images I can find on the internet show the same construction.


This is a pretty simple module but would still take considerable time to hand wire.


Moog did not give modules serial numbers until 1967 and started at serial 1001 so this is the 27th 911-A produced after assigning serial numbers.  I wonder if they were all hand built.



I calibrated the delay at the mid-position 1 second setting.  The minimum delay was just a bit under 2 mS.


The maximum delay was just over 10 seconds.


The coupling mode is set to Parallel so a single S-Trigger input (IN1) generates both S-Trigger outputs.  The top (OUT1) is set to 40 mS and the bottom (OUT2) is set to just under 100 mS.


Changing the coupling mode to Series but with the same setting, the two delays now add so the top (OUT1) remains at 40 mS but is added to the bottom (OUT2) to extend it to just under 140 mS.