Tape Interface Module

I wanted an easy way to do analog tape delays.  I have a Blacet TimeMachine but wanted better quality for some applications.  I have several reel to reels as I am a collector of vintage audio and radios so I decided to design this interface.  It provides level shifting to and from -10dB and uses RCA phono jacks for the tape inputs and outputs.  I provided a loopback control for mixing the tape output back into the tape input for the echo control.  I also added a mix output between the input and tape output.  It worked great although when I interfaced it to my Otari MX-5050 I noticed that the tape outputs were out of phase with the tape inputs so the echo was not as prevalent.  I added a normal / invert switch on the tape input to accommodate different recorders.

Because I have four channels on my Otari, I decided to do a Stooge custom panel since it would be less expensive.  I originally did a FrontPanelExpress design so that is included below.


I decided to use a Ken Stone CGS-23 board since it would provide all the functions I needed and would be simpler to wire.  I used a Stooge bracket and hate to drill in that stainless!

Since the CGS-23 board has only value nomenclature, I documented the resistor placement
to make the construction of the other boards easier.  At this point I have only two built.


DJB-012 FrontPanelExpress design file

DJB-012 schematic