Jürgen Haible
Living VCO Panels

My initial design was full featured 5U panel using small knobs similar similar spacing as my 8 channel ComputerVoltageSource module.  I replaced the Pulse/Saw switch with a control similar to the MOTM-310 µVCO.  I've added a mixer with control for each VCO.

5U FrontPanelExpress design file


I shrunk the design to fit into a 4U panel to save valuable cabinet space.  This panel uses the small knobs in a spacing similar to my YUSynth Fixed Filter Bank and has both major and minor tic marks.  I reduced the number of controls by eliminating the individual Width and Shape controls, replacing them with a single master Width control and waveform switches.  I eliminated the tracking switches since there is a separate 1V/Oct input for each VCO.  I changed the layout to a horizontal organization and added mix controls and output.

4U-1 FrontPanelExpress design file


This variation of my 4U design moves the mix control and adds back the width control for each VCO.   I eliminated the master Coarse and Fine controls since I have a JLH 822 V-Shift module that allows me to scale my keyboard CV.  I kept the octave switch since it fit into the panel design and centered all the switches.

Sorry ... I lost this design file


Each VCO has a full set of controls in this 4U design.  I eliminated the tracking switches and the master frequency controls.  Each VCO 1V/Oct jack is normalled to the CV Out jack.  Each FM jack is normalled to the previous jack.  Each PWM jack is likewise normalled to the previous jack.  I'll add an output mixer with attenuators for each VCO and a driver for a rate LED.

4U-3 FrontPanelExpress design file


I shrunk the panel even further to a 3U width.  I made VCO1 a master oscillator with Width and Vibrato controls and no Detune.  I normalled CV Out to the other two VCOs.  I eliminated the Mix controls and will use a mixer or filter to mix the outputs.  I had to slightly shrink the spacing to fit 8 jacks across the 3U panel.

3U-1 FrontPanelExpress design file


This design is a variation to a vertical format.

3U-2 FrontPanelExpress design file


I reduced the number of controls and jacks for this 3U format with master controls for FM and PWM and eliminated the individual 1V/Oct, FM, and PWM input jacks, individual Out jacks, and the master frequency.

3U-3 FrontPanelExpress design file


This is a 3U design that only gives up individual Width controls, one Detune control, and a master 1V/Oct jack.  The Width control on VCO1 is a master width for all three VCOs and replaces the Detune control.  The 1V/Oct1 jack is the master which is processed with vibrato and portamento.  Note that I spread the controls as much as possible and had to move the top two mounting screws.

3U-4 FrontPanelExpress design file



This 3U panel design features VCO controls in a vertical format.  There is a master 1V/Oct input.  The CV Out is normalled to the other two VCOs as are the FM inputs.  There are master Width and PWM controls and a single PWM input.  Detune controls are only on VCO2 and VCO3.  Each VCO has a separate output and there is a mixer with individual attenuators for a mix output.

3U-5 FrontPanelExpress design file