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Here is a listing of various items I have for sale.  Contact me if interested.  My email is on my home page.


JVC XC-M70 CD Magazine For Sale

I have retired my JVC CD player and have a number of the six CD magazines. These are great for home or auto changers and protect your CDs from handling wear. These magazines are compatible with Kenwood CDM-800, and Toshiba RS-9057 and likely others. The magazines are clean but do have scuffs associated with normal use and most include the sleeve.  There are four different brands / models and the only difference is the length of the notch on the side.  My JVC player worked will all four magazines.

Contact me if interested. They are $5.00 each + shipping or $50 + shipping for all.
9 XC-M70 with sleeve
1 XC-M75 without sleeve
1 Kenwood CDM-800 without sleeve
3 Toshiba RS-9057 with sleeve
1 Toshiba RS-9057 without sleeve