Items For Sale

Here is a listing of various items I have for sale.  Contact me if interested.  My email is on my home page.


Jurgen Haible scanner PCB

I bought an extra set when I built my 5U scanner. This is an original I bought from Jurgen. I believe these are unubtainium as I couldn't find any on th internet.

$100 + shipping.



Steiner-Parker VCF

I bought this when I built my 5U Steiner VCF. I had both a CGS-35 and this version which is sold on Synthcube. I decided I liked the CGS-35 version so did not use this. I do not have the front panel for the module. The filter should be good as-is although there is one capacitor not installed. The power supply should be looked at as I think I set this up for MOTM +/-15V.

Synthcube sells the complete kit for $119 and the fully assembled for $179.

$100 + shipping



CGS10 Mini Keyboard

I built this when I was contemplating building a set of bass pedals. Elby-Designs still sell the PCB but no price is listed (that might mean no stock). Documentation is still available.

$10 + shipping



JVC XC-M70 CD Magazine For Sale

I have retired my JVC CD player and have a number of the six CD magazines. These are great for home or auto changers and protect your CDs from handling wear. These magazines are compatible with Kenwood CDM-800, and Toshiba RS-9057 and likely others. The magazines are clean but do have scuffs associated with normal use and most include the sleeve.  There are four different brands / models and the only difference is the length of the notch on the side.  My JVC player worked will all four magazines.

Contact me if interested. They are $5.00 each + shipping or $50 for all.
9 XC-M70 with sleeve
1 XC-M75 without sleeve
1 Kenwood CDM-800 without sleeve
3 Toshiba RS-9057 with sleeve
1 Toshiba RS-9057 without sleeve