1949 Chevrolet Radiator Shroud

Besides having to custom make a water pump to fit, the other issue is the water pump was lowered. The grill only allows air intake over the bottom 1/3 of the radiator. With the water pump lowered, the fan no longer would pull air through the top 1/3 of the radiator. While driving there was no issue as the grill would force the air up to the top of the radiator, but when idling for a long time the temperature would creep up. I decided to fabricate a radiator shroud.

First I made a cardboard mockup and pattern.


The pattern is transcribed and cut.


I formed the sheetmetal between two I-beams as a makeshift brake.


The shroud is tack welded for initial fit and final welding.


Tabs are added for mounting to the radiator bolts.


The shroud is complete and installed!