My Original 1949 Chevrolet

My first car was a 1949 Chevrolet four door Styleline Deluxe which I bought when I was 15. These next two pictures of the car are when I was in high school. Those are ET Unilug wheels and the rear shackles have been "flipped" I traded a paint job for some electrical work and left the side trim and gravel shields off.


I rewired the car all in red.


This photo is the car when I was in college with about 250,000 miles on it.


These next three photos are of the car when I bought it back from my brother in 1996. The car now has over 400,000 miles on it. The paint has since oxidized.


The shine around the front door handle is where I polished the paint a bit.


I later dropped an Edelbrock intake manifold with dual carburetors in it.