Original 1949 Chevrolet
Floorboard Replacement

The split windshield is installed with gaskets and the outside lower corner tends to hold water and eventually leak. When it does it drips to the floor and rusts them out. Both sides had significant rust. In addition the rocker panel inside vents tend to collect water and rusts out. This project was to replace the driver side front floorboard and rocker panel.

The car driver side is elevated on ramps for access with welding blankets protecting the tires.


The floorboard and rocker panel has been cut out and the new floorboard is sitting inside.


New floorboard is welded in place.


The frame bracket under the front seat had completely rusted out so I fabricated a new one.


The bracket is welded in place.


The inner rocker panel is welded and primed.


I fabricated the inner rocker panel and box for the rear.


The rear inner rocker panel and box is welded in place with the new outer rocker panel on the floor.


The outer rocker panel is welded in place.


The rear floor over the rocker panel is fabricated and welded in place.


The center doorpost are ready for filler. Originally these were leaded but I used plastic filler.


Filler has been roughed in.


Top filler is sanded and a second coat applied on the front.


New parts are primed.


Back on the floor with floorboards painted and read for doors.


Driver side is done.