Buchla Format Vedic Scapes
2050 Time Machine

I was sent a a Buchla format Vedic Scapes 2050 Time Machine module to repair. It is basically a repackaged Blacet 2050 Time Machine.


PCB1 mounts the potentiometers with wiring for the switch and jacks.  PCB2 is basically the same as the Blacet 5U Time Machine with interconnect pins top and bottom to mate with PCB1. Trimmers are mounted on the rear of the PCB.




Calibration is the same as for the Blacet Time Machine.  Buchla signal levels work nicely with the stock design although I did increase R28 from 100K to 200K to boost the output so wet and dry were unity gain with the input.

This image is a 4V pk-pk sine input (yellow) and the dry output (cyan).


This scope image shows the same 4V pk-pk sine input (yellow) and the wet output (cyan). The phase shift is due to the delay.