Aries AR-323 Phase/Flange

Aries modules were available both as kits and factory modules.  This module sold in 1977 for $159.00 in kit form or $235.00 assembled.  This module was a kit.

Here is an ad from 1977.


Here is the description from the 1977 catalog.

Aries AR-329 Documentation (compliments of Mark Glinsky)

Aries AR-329 Owners Manual (extract from Kennet L Perrin Document)


This module features four audio inputs and CV for exponential, flange, and linear. It has outputs for main, aux, and phased and a switch for odd or even.


The 10 stages of phase shift are in a large potted module.




A time-variant module like the AR-329 is difficult to show with static scope images. These three images show various exponential triangle CV with no resonance.


This image shows the same settings with resonance.


This image shows the same settings without resonance using the flange CV.


This image shows the same setting without resonance using the linear CV.