Aries AR-316

Aries modules were available both as kits and factory modules.  This module sold in 1975 for $43.50 in kit or $79.00 assembled and raised in 1977 to $69.00 in kit or $121.00 assembled.  This module appear to be a kit due to the build and solder quality.

I combined specifications and schematics from Robert Leiner (with permission) and my photos into a PDF document.

AR-316 VCA Document

Aries AR-316 Documentation (compliments of Michael Gilbert)


This is a simple module with three adjustments for linear gain, exponential gain, and CV rejection.  There are two CA3080 OTAs and a LM301 op-amp all in can style packages.  This is an example of one of the better wired modules.


The PCB is a single sided tin with no solder mask.  Care is required when doing repairs as the pads do lift easily.



This scope image shows the linear amplifier response.


This scope image shows the exponential amplifier response.