Aries AR-315
Balanced Modulator

Aries modules were available both as kits and factory modules.  This module sold in 1975 for $39.50 in kit or $79.00 assembled and raised in 1977 to $68.00 in kit or $121.00 assembled.   The module includes a 4 jack patch panel and two uncommitted attenuators.


Aries AR-315 Documentation (compliments of Mark Glinsky)


This is a pretty simple design and both sides of the PCB are easily accessible.


The PCB is a single sided tin with no solder mask.  Care is required when doing repairs as the pads do lift easily.


The AR-315 can handle signals up to +/-10V. Here it is modulating a sine with a lower frequency triangle.


Calibration is straightforward. This is the adjustment of the X null which doesn't quite zero out.


This is the adjustment of the Y null which does zero out.


The other two adjustments are offset and gain which are set with a DMM.