Aries AR-259 Buchla-style Timbre

This customer wanted a Buchla-style wavefolder. I build an Aries module using the Dannysound Timbre kit. I kept the Buchla-style theme using Rogan RB blue-skirt knobs and the early style lenses. The panel is a printed FrontPanelExpress.


The Dannysound Timbre is a three-stack PCB sandwich which I build with the PCBs side by side using MTA interconnects. I also used MTA connectors for all the potentiometers. There was one unused op-amp so I added an inverted output. His power system is Dotcom so I added a pigtail to convert the Eurorack power using an MTA to a Dotcom male shrouded header.




These images are all using the Inverted Out. This scope image is with the Blend control to the Mix, or input.


This image shows the effect of Symmetry


This image shows the wave folding with Timbre at mid.


I added a resistor in series with the Range control to keep the wavefolding from being over-driven. It tends to become square-like and is less interesting. This image is with the Range on maximum. 


This image is using the Blend control to mix the wave folding with the input.